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If you are the child of a middle class family in California, it is probably cheaper for you to attend college at Harvard than at a nearby public university.

You read correctly. Cheaper.

The Bay Area News Group recently crunched the numbers using a family of four making $130,000 a year. Between tuition, room, board, and other expenses, that family would pay $24,000 a year to send one of their kids to school at a California State University campus. Although the sticker price on Harvard’s tuition is a dizzying $36,000, the university’s generous student aid would make it a significantly cheaper option.

How much cheaper? The final price of attendance would be about $17,000. That’s also less expensive than the full cost of attendance at the University of California, Santa Cruz ($33,000 a year). It’s even less expensive than the University of California, Berkeley ($19,500 a year), which has begun dolling out more aid to compete with other elite schools. 

There was obviously a time when a middle class student could go to school in California for less than the cost of an Ivy League diploma. That’s changed thanks to two simultaneous trends — one encouraging, one deeply disturbing — that are warping the contours of America’s higher education system. 

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I second this. The way my financial aid came out, it was cheaper for me to go to Cornell, Dartmouth, or MIT than UVA. That’s ridiculous.

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    This article is so dumb. What, Harvard is going to give away a good $20,000 to every student coming to them with...
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    And that’s why Wellesley.
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    Wut. By the time I get out of high school, I hope this changes. I’m planning on going to CSUN, not Harvard.
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    This is exactly why both MIT and Stanford would have been cheaper than Virginia Tech.
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    Things I try to explain to people when they say, “how do you afford Emory” or “I wish I could go to Emory but it’s so...
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    It’s cheaper for me to go to any Ivy, MIT, or Duke than it would be to go to Carolina (sans Covenant, of course).