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There’s some bad stuff going on in Venezuela. If you’re not sure what’s going on, here’s a 2 minute summary. 

(Shout out to the amazing paola-te-quiere for making this!)


A Connecticut newspaper ran an ad for a gun show next to a story about Sandy Hook today.


McKayla Maroney and Barack Obama are not impressed

(White House flickr)

Romney won among all voters making more than $100,000 a year by a margin of 54-44. Asian-Americans happen to be the highest-earning group in the U.S., out-earning whites, and they generally place enormous emphasis on family. A perfect fit for Republicans, no?

No. Asians voted for Obama by 73-26; they were more Democratic than Hispanics.

"Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans" - Francis Wilkinson for Bloomberg

It’s also worth noting that only 41% of Asians identify as Democrats, and an election night poll found that 51% of Asians had not been approached to vote or register to vote by either party. 

Reminder: hate crimes are still hate crimes when they happen to people that you disagree with. 

Wood said his attacker’s reference to a warning likely pointed to graffiti he found painted on his car last week. The vandalism included the phrases “house trained republican faggot,” “traitor,” and “ur like a jew 4 hitler.” 

Those slurs, he explained, were references to him being a gay Republican working to help Lee, a straight GOP candidate, defeat the openly gay Democrat Mark Pocan

(The Daily Caller)

A friend of mine has come up with a great new political news site called Slantable, which enables you to customize what articles you read based on your political preferences. 

I particularly like it because it not only enables you to read articles that you know you’ll agree with, but also directly shows you the “other side of the story.”

Also, the slider things are just fun to play with. Check Slantable out here