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This Macro Lens Band is a macro lens that works with any phone!

Android, iPhone 4, iPhone 5. If your dad’s 20 lb. cellular telephone from the 90s had a lens, it’d work with that, too.

Just put it around your phone, line it up with your lens, and you’re ready to shoot photos of insanely minute details. Your Instagram buddies will be so jealz.

The Macro Lens Band Works with Any Phone


For two months last fall, Eric Simons secretly took up residence inside the Internet giant’s Palo Alto, Calif., campus, eating free food, enjoying gym access, and building a startup in the process.

That’s actually pretty cool.


“I’m passionate about breaking ground in science and engineering because technology has driven many of the advances humankind has made,” said Google CEO Larry Page. “But we still don’t have enough people working in these areas. It’s why I am tremendously pleased that Google is giving Cornell the office space to get their new engineering university up and running in New York City.”

Yay Google!


you know what’s cool…


Jay-Z launches his own Facebook game called Empire. Players can re-enact the rapper’s journey “from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul.” Level 1 includes visits to Mom, writing rhymes and rap battles. No word if the game lets you side step career flops such as, The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse.

Jay-Z would.


Gmail bumps free storage to 10GB

Best day of Google news in recent memory?

Thank you, Google. I had just crossed the 80% mark and I was starting to get worried.


Facebook just bought Instagram for $1billion!

You can expect Instagram to stay a separate app from Facebook, but there will probably be more integration between the two. Read more above!

via & screengrab from TechCrunch

This happened.


Leaked Emails Reveal Assad’s Love of LMFAO and Right Said Fred

Syrian opposition activists quietly watched President Bashar al-Assad trade crisis-management tips with Iran and order Right Said Fred songs from iTunes as they secretly accessed his email until Assad shut down his account after a totally separate hack by Anonymous. Before the account he shared with his wife Asma went dead, the activists managed to download about 3,000 messages from it, which The Guardian reported as an exclusive on Wednesday.

One email conversation that truly stands out from the reams of communication The Guardian posted, is Assad’s correspondence with iTunes, from which he ordered country singer Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me To You” to send to his wife, Asma, the day after Syrian forces started shelling Homs. Assad also had an affinity for Chris Brown, Right Said Fred, and New Order. “In January he bought a number of songs by the popular US dance group LMFAO including their hit Sexy and I Know it,” The Guardian reported. But it’s Right Said Fred that cracks us up: Assad ordered “Don’t Talk Just Kiss“ because, we’re guessing, he already had “I’m Too Sexy.”

Read more at The Atlantic Wire.

If this doesn’t demonstrate how much of a threat data leaks are to civilized society, I don’t know what does.