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The fastest white rapper tackles a quintessential grammar pet peeve – the difference between “your” and “you’re” – via a Gotye parody. Very, very NSFW, very, very educational. 

The best things since The Elements of Style rap.

( Quipsologies)

YES. THIS is the man who did that rap about pancakes to ”Look at Me Now.” And he’s wearing a Louie shirt. Perfect.


How to Write a Novel.

And you know, this is pretty much everything you need to know. The rest is detail, most of which is irrelevant…

(Stolen from

This sounds about right.

(via handsomeandsociallyawkward)


At the grocery store. Orange juice was available as:

  • No Pulp
  • With Pulp
  • MORE Pulp
  • LOADED With Pulp

They did not have the other levels which are, in order of increasing pulpitude:

  • Loaded With Even More Pulp
  • Extra Loaded With Lots Of Pulp
  • Holy Shit, That’s A Lot Of Pulp
  • Seriously. There’s A Lot Of Pulp In This Motherfucker.
  • Stop Fucking With Me. Who Would Want This Much Pulp?
  • I’m Not Fucking With You. There’s So Much God Damned Pulp In This Sumbitch That You Should Forget A Straw Because You’ll Need A Fucking Ladle.
  • Screw The Ladle. Get A Carving Knife.
  • No Longer Juice. Slightly Damp Pulp.
  • An Orange