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I’ve started redecorating household items for Halloween.


There’s this compost heap in my backyard, and because past volunteers have just dumped their food scraps on top as if presenting daily peace offerings, the squirrels think they own it. So when Sarah and I turned the compost for the first time last fall, burying all the food scraps, the squirrels were not pleased.

The next day my when we walked over to the compost to admire our work, we disrupted a conference of squirrels angrily trying to figure out how to deal with this unwelcome development. The squirrels scattered up the tree growing out of our compost (further evidence that it hadn’t been turned for a long time). And then, as my housemate and I were talking, I felt this wetness dripping down onto my face. So I looked up into the tree to see where it was coming from, and IT WAS A SQUIRREL.

Peeing on my face.

So not cool, squirrels, so not cool.

Now, every day when i walk out my back door and see the squirrels, I tell them that they are filthy and disgusting creatures and I hate them. I’m sure our neighbors think I’m really awesome.

- Michelle

I follow the Cornell tag on tumblr. 

Sometimes I see gorgeous pictures of campus. 

Other times, I see people’s stories about squirrels peeing on their faces. 


They make those?

I feel like that would create an awkward cold spot on my sofa where my butt should be though.



I want Rhett Butler to send me texts goddammit.


get involved

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but that last one is poorly worded. “Gender-based violence kills 1 in 3 women worldwide” is misleading. 


Why drink when you could learn a musical instrument? Those two ARE completely related! 

I was going to drink but then I learned to play the bassoon.

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Truth be told!!

So much rage. I can’t.

So much rage. I can’t.


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