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Posts tagged "picture of the day"


Picture of the DaySantiago, Chile. Student protesters flee riot police.

News: Chilean students once again took to the streets in thousands, the first big event for the movement in 2012, but the march was broken up by police. Authorities say at least 50 were arrested. The students are demonstrating in favor of a universal right to free, quality education.

Photo Credit: Jorge Villejas/Xinhua/Corbis. Via.

(via thepoliticalnotebook)


Picture of the DayPeleas de Abajo, Spain. A kitten is alone in a deserted street in the most indebted town in Spain. The average debt per resident is 20,000 euros. 

Read: This Reuters piece, “Rags to riches for Spanish towns,” which tells Peleas de Abajo’s story.

Photo Credit: Susana Vera/Reuters. Via.

Most indebted town in Spain but look at that kitten it’s so cute.

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